My Navy Portal Quick Links

My Navy Portal Quick Links

Where can I find the Navy PQS?


A: The Navy Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) are available on My Navy Portal (MNP) and can be viewed at In the top menu under Careers and life events> Education, educational qualifications, click Qualifications> Employee qualification standards in the left menu.

My Navy Portal Quick Links

What is a PQS in the Navy?

With the PQS program you will qualify for the tasks that have been assigned to you. A Personnel Qualification Standard (NQP) is a written list of the knowledge and skills you need to possess: qualify for a specific guard post, repair a specific equipment or system, or act as a member of a team in a unit assigned.

Also, what is Navy Cantrac?

Navy Training Course Catalog (CANTRAC) CANTRAC is a NAVEDTRA publication that contains information on all Navy training courses. CANTRAC is also a derivative of the CeTAS online database.

So can you access my marine portal from home?

The first version of the My Navy portal will allow sailors to access data from the Physical Readiness Information Management System and their official military records. Even so, sailors can access it from home, but will need to purchase a shared access card reader to access.

What is the maritime qualification?

High School Diploma: The candidate must have passed a 10 + 2 qualification exam in mathematics and physics and at least one of the following subjects in chemistry / biology / computer science. Age limit: Candidates must have been born between February 1, 1998 and January 31, 2002, i.e. between 16 and 20 years of age.

What is a marine JQR  In Navy?


JQR is an integral part of the Navi Brig training program. It provides the minimum qualification requirements in the various areas of Brig. It is a method of qualifying staff in Brig general subject and specific tasks / positions are assigned in the staff structure of Brig.

My Navy Portal Quick Links

What is a PQS?

A PQS is a professional totalizer and this personal role is effective in putting yourself in the client’s shoes when it comes to keeping track of the costs and legal issues of the construction project.

What is the main goal of the continuous improvement program?

Continuous improvement is an organized approach to identify opportunities for improvement that can help a company achieve its goals, increase profits, reduce costs and accelerate innovation. The approach is also used to improve the quality of a product or service and to improve safety.

Which page of the service log is reserved for administrative comments?

Once completed, the administrative notes form becomes a service record and is permanently stored in the US Navy service record (NAVCRUIT 1070/3).

N1 FYSA Navy Personnel Commander: Due to scheduled maintenance this weekend, the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) will be unavailable from Saturday May 19th 2018, 1:00 pm EDT to Sunday May 20th 2018, 1:00 pm EDT is its SUMMER TIME. All links to NSIPS data in My  (MNP) will not be available during this maintenance period.

What is ActivClient?

ActivClient is the core software of the DoD CAC. ActivClient is ActivIdentity’s smart card center card that allows public organizations to easily use smart cards and USB tokens for a variety of office, network security and productivity applications.

Where can I see my marine profile sheet?

Sailors can log into the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) website and select the Navy Advancement Center from the Career Management drop-down menu and then click on My Advancement to access the link to the Progress Profile Sheet. At the top of the profile sheet there is a block for entering an e-mail address.

Can I connect to Nsips without a CAC card?

The CAC is not required to access the orphaned ESR via the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) server. All seafarers must create their ESR account online. Seafarers assigned to most surface vessels can use the onboard NSIPS server to create a second ESR account.

How can I ask to leave the Navy?

Take a break Insert the CAC card into the CAC card reader. Enter your CAC credentials. Register in self-service. Click on the item associated with ELeave. Check your profile to make sure you have the right channel. If you don’t have the appropriate approvers / reviewers, contact your local Yeoman. Submit a vacation request.

How do I use the CAC player at home?

Installing the CAC Browser on the PC Presentation Make sure the CAC Browser works for the PC. Check if the PC accepts the CAC reader. Update your DOD certificates. Make sure you have the right ActivClient for your branch.

Where can I find the prims?

Sailors can log into their PRIMS account via BUPERS Online at For more information on PRIMS and physical emergency preparedness, see the Marine Emergency Physical Preparedness page at

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